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ACPS Enrollment: It Keeps Growing and Growing

To no one’s surprise, the ACPS enrollment data show that significantly more children are enrolled in our schools this year compared with last year. The 4.4% increase over 2013-2014 is slightly above the average increase over the past eight years. Total enrollment at the end of October was 14,157 students, an increase of 594. ACPS has 34% (3,600) more students now than when the Class of 2015 finished elementary school. […]

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Why is Safety First for Drivers but not Gun Owners?

In no other country is driving and owning a car as quintessential to the culture and lifestyle as it is in the U.S. “Two cars in every garage,” promised the Republican campaign slogan in 1928. Willie Nelson “just can’t wait to get on the road again.” For some of us, our love affair with the automobile began with our first wheels—a red Corvette Matchbox car, perhaps, or a pink Barbie […]

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What’s Up with the T.C. Tennis Courts?

More than a year ago, Port City Notebook reported that there was a good chance, weather-permitting, that the new T.C. Williams High School tennis courts would be finished in time for the end of the spring 2014 season. But now it’s looking very doubtful that they will be ready for spring 2015. Why the delay? No official explanations have been offered, and given that ground has still not been broken, […]

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