Port City Notebook

News, views and random observations around Alexandria

Mission Statement

There’s one simple reason why this blog exists: To provide parents and residents of the city of Alexandria with accurate and objective information about our public schools.  It’s not as if there isn’t a lot of information.  Alexandria City Public Schools does a decent job of keeping parents informed of what’s happening across the school calendars, and The Washington Post does a good job of covering Alexandria school news at the 30,000-foot level in the few inches of column space that they can devote to one jurisdiction.

The weak links, however, are our local news outlets, which each have their own points of view and agendas, which often ignore the important stories in favor of the more sensational or less relevant ones. Having spent nearly 20 years as a journalist, and countless hours volunteering alongside many other parents dedicated to improving our schools, I believe that I can add a different viewpoint to the public discourse.

My goal is to sort through the day-to-day chatter about ACPS and give parents answers to the questions that I am asked all the time via email, at school events, and in the grocery store.  I promise to be as objective as a proud Titan parent can be and to give you the facts as I know them.

I’ll also occasionally share some of my favorite books, news articles and random observations around our port city.