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Torpedo Factory: Status Quo is Not an Option

Vision and imagination were at the heart of a 1974 initiative to transform a World War I-era munitions facility on Alexandria’s waterfront into an innovative art center. Thanks to the leadership of Marian van Landingham, who served Alexandria in the House of Delegates for 24 years, and the late Mayor Charles Beatley Jr., the building was converted from a storehouse for federal documents to the nation’s first collection of publicly […]

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A New Pool for All of Alexandria: Do it Right and Get it Done

Alexandria School Board Chair Meagan Alderton was spot on when she said recently that our city’s inadequate aquatics facilities are a clear example of racial disparities in our community. She is correct that we need to teach elementary students how to swim, especially our Black and Brown children who are less likely to receive swim lessons outside of school. By doing this, we will be imparting essential life skills and […]

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Candidate Responses to Campaign Questions

Two city council candidates responded to my invitation to answer important questions about the future of our city that I posed in my previous post. Here are their responses in the order in which they were received. I will post any other responses received before the June 8 Democratic primary. William E. “Bill” Campbell As federal moratoriums/forbearances on rent evictions and mortgage/loan foreclosures begin to lift, families here in Alexandria […]

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Asking the Right Questions

Alexandria is fortunate to have so many candidates who are seeking public office in this election cycle. Healthy competition usually leads to an informed and fulsome exploration of different views that helps voters make the best choices. Except for this year. It’s unfortunate that so much of the current campaigns for Alexandria’s mayoral and city council races has focused on the wrong issues, and that too much of the debate […]

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Let’s All Do Better

Over the past few months, I’ve watched with sadness as our community has descended into the tribalism that’s now commonplace in our national politics. Both sides have vilified and demonized their opponents, vowing to fight to the end and promising retribution at the ballot box for city council members who vote against them. And all because of a half-mile stretch of pavement. In case you’ve been spared the sparring, the […]

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Broken Promises

Less than six months ago, I stood in front of the T.C. Williams Swim & Dive Boosters meeting and excitedly reported on the progress for the new 50-meter pool at Chinquapin. It’s a done deal, I announced proudly. It’s REALLY going to happen! After four years of advocating for a long-overdue new pool, the hard work to convince our elected officials to fund it is done! Indeed, the City Council […]

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