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Provide Input: Chinquapin Park Recreation Center & Aquatics Facility Expansion

There’s still time this week to share your thoughts about the best design for a new 50-meter indoor pool at the Chinquapin Park Recreation Center and Aquatics Facility.

AlexEngage—a new online forum and a tool of the What’s Next Alexandria civic engagement initiative—allows you to express your opinion to decision-makers, and also to view what other residents are saying. Comments will be collected on Friday, September 26, for the consultant team to use in the next phase of the Chinquapin 50-meter pool feasibility study.

home_news_postitUpdate on Transfer Task Writing Assignments

In June, in a post about the ACPS curriculum, I reported that plans were underway to publish on the ACPS website a complete K-12 matrix of transfer task writing assignments (color-coded to identify which tasks require expository/informational, persuasive, procedural/technical, narrative, and descriptive writing).

As Dr. John L. Brown, ACPS’ Executive Director of Curriculum Services and Design, describes them, these tables provide an overview of transfer task writing assignments for English, mathematics, science, and social studies. The tables are organized by grade level and curriculum unit and identify the specific writing format required for successful completion of each task. This information should help parents understand the scope and sequence of required writing assignments and formats throughout ACPS students’ elementary, middle, and high school education.

A Step Forward for T.C. Williams Attendance Procedures

Last year, parents of T.C. students who were absent because of illness, doctors’ appointments, family travel or other reasons faced a confusing and contradictory set of instructions about how to notify the school. Those procedures were refined over the summer. Having had an opportunity to try them out, I can report that they are much improved.

Here’s the one essential piece of information you need: tcwattendance@acps.k12.va.us. Parents and guardians should send an email to that address and include the student’s name, the campus he or she attends, the reason for and date(s) of the absence, and a parent’s name and contact information.

Absences will be excused for illness, doctors’ appointments, court date, natural disaster, death in the family or college visits. Doctors’ notes should be submitted to the front office within three days of the absence.

Chat with the Superintendent

Dr. Alvin Crawley continues the tradition that he began last year of inviting parents and community members to meet with him for conversation and discussion. The locations are to be announced, but the dates and times are:

Wednesday, October 8, 8 a.m.
Tuesday, December 9, 7 p.m.
Wednesday, February 11, 8 a.m.
Tuesday, April 7, 7 p.m.








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